Broadband Communication Lab

Satellite Trainer Kit-VSET-BC-01

VSET-SC-01 Satellite Communication Trainer Kit has been designed to study completely about satellite communication system i.e. how a Signals transmitted and received using satellite standards. The complete unit consists of three sections; Satellite Uplink Transmitter, Satellite Emulator and Satellite Receiver. The satellite emulator receives signal from satellite uplink transmitter which can be analyzed and emulated using various satellite instruments like spectrum analyzer. The received signal is then retransmitted to satellite downlink receiver where the signal is retrieved.

The signals which are used for transmission are Audio, Video, and digital data. A provision to connect function generator is also provided. Using the above setup concepts like baseband analog signal parameters, phenomenon of linear polarization C/N ratio, S/N ratio, fading of a received signal, digital baseband signal parameter propagation delays can be studied. Data sent from one computer can be received on another computer using satellite link.

  • Simultaneous communication of three different signals at each up-linking frequency.
  • Communication of external broad band digital and analog data and base band signals.
  • Choice of different transmitting and receiving frequencies.
  • Transmission and reception with Helix, Dish Antenna is provided
Scope of Learning:-
  • To set up an active & passive satellite communication link and study their difference.
  • To study the communication satellite link design: process of transmitting a signal to a satellite (UPLINKING), reception of same signal via satellite (DOWN LINKING) and functioning of transponder of a satellite.
  • To measure the baseband analog signal parameters in a satellite link.
  • To measure the signal parameters in an analog FM/FDMTV Satellite link.
  • To study the functionality of a satellite MODEM. 0
  • To study the phenomenon of Linear and circular polarization.
  • To measure the C/N ratio.
  • To measure the S/N ratio.
  • To study the effect of fading and measure the fading margin of a received signal.
  • To measure the digital baseband signal parameters in a Sat-com link.
  • To setup a RS-232 satellite communication link using comports of PC.
  • To measure the propagation delay of signal.
  • To measure path loss using spectrum analyzer.
  • To study noise on spectrum analyzer.

ISDN Trainer Kit-VSET-BC-02

VSET-SC-02 ISDN Trainer Kit is designed for experimental study of ISDN hardware and software features. It provides hardware and software tools to carry out study in simulation environment or in real mode.

Scope of Learning:-
  • Study of an application for monitoring and testing ISDN Modem through serial ports using AT commands using ISDN Trainer Software (RS232)
  • Study of real time data capturing
  • Study of supporting protocols.
  • Study of hardware setup for ISDN Trainer.
  • Study of Software setup for ISDN Trainer.
  • Study of Configuration Setting.
  • Study of Call pick up/Call transfer/Call Waiting/Call forward.
  • Study of different types of numbering in ISDN System.
  • Study of ISDN telephone features.
  • Study of fault finding
  • Study of network management services with remote configuration.