Education Sector

Audio and Video Engineering Lab

Audio video engineering lab provides practical as well as theoretical knowledge about LED, DTH, VCD-DVD player, PA system, IPTV, trainer kit .It contains study and analysis of directivity measurement and color pattern generator.

Broadband Communication Lab

Broadband communication lab consists of study of satellite communication system i.e. Satellite Uplink Transmitter, Satellite Emulator and Satellite Receiver also it contains experimental study of ISDN Technology.

Computer Networking lab

Computer networking lab provides hands on practice of a LAN Technology (i.e. Local Area Network).It covers various aspects of LAN such as hardware, cabling, software configuration and protocols


DSP lab provides experimental study of Audio, Video, Image processing. It consists of study as well as implementation of algorithms for audio, video, image, speech processing, linear and circular convolution.

Electrical Machine Lab

Electrical machine lab consists of different types of experiment on transformer as well as speed control of DC motor, induction motor and alternator for single phase and three phase.

Microcontroller Lab

Microcontroller lab includes experimental study of 8051, PIC 18F,ARM 7,Cortex M3, ARM 9 microcontrollers and peripherals such as LCD, ADC, DAC, 7 segment display, Traffic light interface etc.

Microprocessor Lab

Microprocessor lab includes experimental study of 8085, 8086 microcontrollers and peripherals such as DC motor, Stepper motor.

Mobile Communication Lab

Mobile communication lab comprises theory and working fundamentals of a 2G, 3G, CDMA, GSM, VOIP technologies.


OFC lab consists of Optical Fiber Cable trainer kit in which different modulation/demodulation methods such as AM/FM/PPM/PWM/PAM is used so that user can get complete idea about fiber optic transmission.

Power System Lab

Power system lab comprises of study of different types of relays like over current, under voltage, over voltage and percentage differential etc. It also deals with protection of transmission line, electric machines like motor, transformer and alternator.

Renewable Energy Sources Lab

Renewable Energy Sources Lab consists of study of solar and wind energy sources.

Robotic Lab

Robotic lab includes experimental study of 3/2 axis robot and its architecture and programming.

Switch Gear Lab

Switch gear lab consist study of working principles and characteristics of Fuse, M.C.B, contactor, RCCB, MCCB, ELCB, transmission line etc.

V.L.S.I. Lab

VLSI Lab consists of experimental study of Sparten 3,Spartan 6, CPLD, PSOC3 platforms and their peripheral interfaces like LCD, keypad, Keyboard, VGA etc.

Wireless Communication Lab

Wireless communication lab consists of study of Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in simulation as well as in real time mode.

Load Bank

Load bank includes study of different types of loads such as Resistive, capacitive, inductive for fixed as well as variable.

Microwave Engineering Lab

Microwave engineering lab comprises test bench of Klystron Source X Band which includes study of different characteristics of microwave components, circulators, isolators etc.

Power Electronics Lab

VSET-PE-01 Single Phase Full Bridge PWM Based Voltage Source Inverter Trainer Kit is Design to Sturdy Wave Forms and its Characteristics.