New Electronic Product Design

(Design/Development/Contract Manufacturing)

With over a decade of experience in Electronic Product Design, we work with the customers who brings in just a thought or a complete technical requirement. The process of development evolves, starting from thought to prototyping.

Electronic Product Design
Electronic Product Design

We provide, Turnkey Electronic Product Design Solutions from concept definition to fully tested product, ready for volume manufacturing. Our Product Design Services include; System Architecture,Schematic Capture, PCB Artwork, Design Analysis, Embedded Software Development and Electronics Manufacturing Services

Market Sectors

Consumer Devices & Med Tech
1. IOT Sensors
2. Thermal Body Scanners
Industrial & Home Automation
1. RFID Controllers
2. Data Convertors
3. Data Concentrator
4. Security & Safety sensors
Communication & Networking
1. Modbus Data Convertors
2. Wi-Fi Gateway
3. Bluetooth End Devices
4. Protocol Convertor

Application Areas

1. Automotive Solutions
2. Power and Energy
3. Industrial Electronics
4. Data Acquisition Systems
5. RFID Solutions
6. Safety & Security Solutions
7. Aerospace & Defense
8. Communication & Networking
9. Retail & Consume Electronics
10. Industrial IOT Devices & Gateways
11. Embedded Systems
12. Medical Electronics Devices