Computer Networking lab

LAN Trainer Kit-VSET-CN-01

VSET-CN-01 LAN trainer is a versatile desktop system that provides hands on experimentation & understanding of local area Networks. The field being diverse, this trainer has been designed with an aim to touch upon the various aspects of LAN's such as hardware & cabling, software configuration & protocols.

The LAN trainer is supplemented by a set of 4 exhaustive manuals covering the various aspects of LAN's. The unique feature of this trainer is an onboard Hub & Cabling setup via jumpers so as to minimize the loss of expensive cable during training.

Scope of Learning:-

LAN Hardware and Cabling.

  • Setup a network between 2-8 Computers using Hub and straight cables (WIN XP).
  • Setup a network between two Computers without using Hub by using Cross cables (WIN XP)
  • Multi Hub Networking (WIN XP)
  • Setup a networking between Two computers using parallel port direct cable connection.
  • Setup a networking between two computers using serial port direct cable Connection. 0
  • Cabling setup Cable fabrication kit: 8 RJ 45 male connectors, crimping tool & 10 mtr. UTP cables.

Software Configuration.

  • Networking Win9x (Adding a Network Adapter)
  • Setting up a Win9x Peer to Peer Network
  • Windows XP Peer-to-Peer Networking
  • Sharing Local Resources
  • Adding Local or Network Printers
  • Adding a Network Printer With Windows XP
  • Adding Workstation Print Drivers for Windows 2000 Printers
  • Adding NT4 Workstation Print Drivers for Windows 2000 Printers
  • Adding a Windows2000 Workstation to a NT4 Domain
  • Configuring Dial-Up Internet Access with Windows9x (Adding the Dial-Up)
  • Windows2000 Dial-Up Internet Connection