Optical fibre communication (OFC) Lab

VOIP Trainer Kit-VSET-MC-06

VSET-OFC-01 Fiber Optic Communication is one of the most popular technologies in the modern days due to its high transfer capacity and quality, as well as speed and security. VF FOC-1 uses fiber optic as a transmission media for the whole experiment. With four different data transmission ways (self module transmission, module-to-module transmission,

PC-to-module transmission, and module-to-PC transmissions) and various different modulation/demodulation methods (AM/FM/PPM/PWM/PAM) introduced in the training system, users can obtain a very clear view of how fiberoptic transmission works.

Scope of Learning:-
  • Estimation of Numerical aperture of fiber.
  • Plot the characteristics of various sources and detectors. Measure attenuation of MMSI and SMSI fiber and comment on the result based on Attenuation due to increase in length as well as loss due to bend.
  • Set up a digital link and analyze.